Discounts till end of February 2020.

Thanks to the much increased demand for the Sonus Paradisi sample set for the past three months, I am able to introduce heavy discounts on many older sample sets for a short period of time as a "thank you" to the Hauptwerk public.

You were not frightened by the complexities of the Hauptwerk 5 upgrade, you went through the process with conficence, you deserve a sweet reward now.

Perhaps you wanted a sample set for a long time, but it was a bit too expensive for you. Plus, you had to spend a lot on your Hauptwerk 5 upgrade. Perhaps you find the price just fitting now.

The sample sets discounted:

  • Altenbruch (the optimal sample set for the early North German music)
  • Bergen op Zoom (the Dutch Cavaillé-Coll style)
  • Dingelstaedt (a versatile concept of a German organ)
  • Forcalquier (Frech classical organ with some modern touch)
  • Chico (an organ after Gottfried Silbermann)
  • Krzeszow (a Bach time organ in the East)
  • Midwolda (a large Hinsz organ, with almost all pipes original)
  • Prague baroque (the South German organ ideal)
  • St. Omer (a young Cavaillé-Coll large instrument, 4 manuals!)
  • Velesovo (The ultimate Bach organ with a rich stop list)
  • Zutphen (the essence of a Dutch organ sound)